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Meet Your New Favorite “Meat”.



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Typically, when you think of unripe fruit, it’s not necessarily something you go running to the market for. Not with Jackfruit. Unripe Jackfruit is a hidden treasure from Asia--but hopefully not for long--that’s been a go-to meat stand-in for vegetarians and even meat eaters looking for something healthier without compromising on taste. Craving Pulled Pork? Jackfruit play the part. Need shredded chicken for tacos? Jackfruit can do that too.

Unripe Jackfruit has the texture of shredded meats and pulls apart the same way those proteins do. It also absorbs flavors like a sponge, so you adding your favorite sauce or seasoning lets you transform this fruit into whatever flavor you desire.

Young Organics sources Jackfruit direct from India and packs it in convenient cans so you can have this versatile fruit anytime you need. We want the world to discover this delicious fruit and see how it can support more plant-based eating and diversify diets everywhere.


Concept Inspired By...

Young Organics was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Agrobiodiversity: A measure of the diversity of organisms in an ecosystem. In nature, where biodiversity exists, the system is typically more resilient to threats such as disease and pests. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defines Agrobiodiversity as, “The variety and variability of animals, plants and microorganisms that are used directly or indirectly for food and agriculture, including crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries. It comprises the diversity of genetic resources (varieties, breeds) and species used for food, fodder, fibre, fuel and pharmaceuticals. It also includes the diversity of non-harvested species that support production (soil microorganisms, predators, pollinators), and those in the wider environment that support agro-ecosystems (agricultural, pastoral, forest and aquatic) as well as the diversity of the agro-ecosystems."

  • Plant Based Proteins: Proteins made to emulate or replace conventional animal products with entirely plant based ingredients. Ranging from plant based dairy to meat substitutes, plant based proteins aim to fulfill eaters’ protein needs without the need for animal products.