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welcome to

The Future Market

The Future Market

Welcome to The Future Market

Think of us as your neighborhood grocery store. Just the one that exists in the year 2065. Brought to life by a collective of food innovators, designers, economists, scientists, marketers, and entrepreneurs—our goal is to raise the bar for innovation today by thinking more ambitiously about the food products of tomorrow.

The Future Market is an ongoing project that exists as an online destination featuring futuristic grocery products and content from our newspaper: The Future Chronicle—your exclusive source of news from the year 2065. However, starting in 2015 we’ll bring our concept to life via our digital store and physical, pop-up activations so that consumers can truly experience the grocery store of 2065.

We invite a broad range of insights, discussions, and debate to fuel our concepts, and we’re always hungry for more.

Want to join us? Email info@thefuturemarket.com 

Thinking Ambitiously About Tomorrow

To Innovate Better Today, We Have to Think More Ambitiously About Tomorrow. We exist to shake up today’s food industry, who too often innovates one foot at a time. Instead, we want to aim fifty feet ahead. From concept cars to package-delivering drones, let’s take a cue from the tech and automotive industries. Big thinking energizes innovation, and we want to bring this to the food world.

We’ll sell food products from the year 2065 to empower consumers through tangible stimuli and transaction. But really we’re a retailer of ideas, and not just our own. Food is universal, and tomorrow’s looming environmental, economic, and societal issues stand to affect us all.

We strive for our Year 2065 food ideas to be sensational, yet substantive. Each of our concepts stems from a logical progression of events and trends. Our process starts by examining details of life from today, including key work, life, community, and family structures, and then push these out decade by decade until we find ourselves in the year 2065.



prototyping the future of food

Product Concepts

Crop Crisps

Exploring 2065 Through Concept Products

The Future Market is a showcase for concept food products from the year 2065. Each of these products will explore the evolution in production and consumption we may see deep into the future. The full line of concept products is in development for our digital and physical store. Our first concept is the Crop Crisp.

Introducing: Crop Crisps

After decades of large-scale, mono-culture farming, the soil and environment of 2065 can no longer bear the stress of these ‘old-world’ practices. Fossil fuel shortages have made artificial fertilizer a scarce commodity, and the agribusiness industry has been forced to change its production methods.

That’s why we believe the consumers of 2065 will demand sustainable food practices in a mainstream way. Big food will be forced to step up and abandon its use of major ingredients (wheat, corn, soy…) for every season and location.


Three Sisters: Polyculture Polenta

The Three Sisters are corn, beans, and squash–crops that Native Americans have been planting together for over 6,500 years to sustain themselves and the planet. Growing these crops together is a form of Polyculture, an agricultural technique where multiple crops are planted together to mimic the biodiversity found in natural ecosystems. Polycultures rely on the natural order of biodiverse systems to grow food that’s naturally sustainable and resilient.

Not only are the Three Sisters good for the Earth, but these three crops contain complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and all 8 essential amino acids, which makes for a highly nutritious and complete, plant-based meal.

When Polyculture replaces Monoculture, Big Food equals Good Food.

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The Future Market is the brainchild of Studio Industries, a food design and innovation agency based in Brooklyn, New York. In July 2014, Studio Industries brought together a passionate collective of food innovators, designers, scientists, marketers, and entrepreneurs hungry to steer the world toward a better food future.
We founded The Future Market so that everyone could have a voice in the future of food, and challenge the boundaries of what’s possible. By partnering with big and small companies, both in- and outside of the food industry, we hope to create paradigm-shifting innovation and fuel creativity.
Contact us to inquire about partnership/sponsorship opportunities or general questions.