Taste that’s too good to waste.


At Puree, we understand that nothing should go to waste, which is why we’ve developed a healthy line of soups, broths, and juices that never take anything for granted, including taste. Using a selection of produce skins and animal trim, our food products are packed with nutrients and antioxidants and are conveniently packaged for small- or large- batch recipes and on-the-go enjoyment. We take what was once discarded and use the vitamin-packed ingredients to make affordable products that fit your health-minded lifestyle. Puree is good for your body and good for the planet, and that’s good for everyone.


Puree products are a healthy and sustainable way to infuse nutrient-packed food into your life. Our delicious soups and juices are prepared with produce scraps and skins, while our bone broths combine functional ingredients and herbs with animal trim. The result is a line of affordable and highly nutritious grab-and-go food products.
All of our products are designed with your convenience in mind. While our Puree Concentrate is made to be mixed with cold or hot water, the rest of our vegetarian soups and juices can be enjoyed on the go and don’t need any additional preparation. Need to get a kickstart on dinner? Save time with one of our signature bone broths. Looking for a quick-and-easy lunch option? Warm up with our vitamin-packed Carrot-Ginger Skin Soup. 
At Puree, we believe in preserving the environment, which is why all of our products come in biodegradable Ghost Plastic or a compostable wood pulp-based package. With our products, you can rest assured knowing that everything you’re consuming is enriching your body, as well as the earth. Puree -- Taste that’s too good to waste.


Concept Inspired By...

Puree was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Food waste reduction: A movement is happening where food producers and consumers are making serious efforts to reduce the amount of food that we waste. From turning food production byproducts into value add products, to digital apps that help identify and sell restaurant leftovers at a deep discount, to creating fine dining experiences from food scraps, the food zeitgeist is celebrating those who are helping to use our food supply more efficiently.

    • Sample Organizations: Misfit Juicery, Baldor’s SparCs, Blue Hill’s WastED, Too Good To Go, ReFED

    • Read More: ReFED (http://bit.ly/2pJfZnJ)