Plant Plate

Powered By Plants!



Plant Plate is the heartiest, most convenient way to fill up after a long day. No appetite is any match for what Plant Plate has to offer. Packed with 30g of plant based protein, Plant Plate never lets you down and always leaves you satisfied. Just take one Plant Plate meal straight from the freezer to the oven and in a few minutes it’s dinnertime. Meat in the center of the plate? That’s so 2010. Feast on a mega-sized roasted cauliflower steak surrounded by meaty chickpeas, corn, and onions. The vegetable jus is enriched with bone marrow, spirulina, and offal trimmings for an unctuous flavor explosion. Finish that all off with a spent grain berry cobbler for dessert and you’ll feel energized and ready to roll once you’re done.   


Plant Plate updates the traditional “Meat + Sides” diet model to reflect a more modern spirit, which is plant centric, seasonal, food waste-conscious, and features lesser cuts of animal protein in more sparing, garnish-like amounts. Meat has long been the center of plate for the standard American diet, with plant based foods falling by the wayside as mere sides. The Progressive Plate redistributes this allocation of plant vs animal to lean much heavier on plant based foods, while still delivering a complete set of nutrients and protein.  

Loosely based on Dan Barber’s seminal vision of the future of food in his book, “The Third Plate,” Plant Plate demonstrates how his ideals for more plant based, meat-light, biodiverse cooking have been translated for the mass market. 

Plant Plate is a complete meal that goes straight from your freezer to microwave to your mouth in minutes. Everything comes in one convenient biodegradable tray and makes it easy for you to feed yourself when you’re short on time. This isn’t fine dining, this isn’t fancy. It’s simple, honest food that fills hard working people up in a delicious and easy way. Plant Plate: Powered by Plants!


Concept Inspired By...

Plant Plate was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Plant Based Proteins: Proteins made to emulate or replace conventional animal products with entirely plant based ingredients. Ranging from plant based dairy to meat substitutes, plant based proteins aim to fulfill eaters’ protein needs without the need for animal products.

    • Sample Organizations: Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Just

    • Read More: Bloomberg (

  • Food waste reduction: A movement is happening where food producers and consumers are making serious efforts to reduce the amount of food that we waste. From turning food production byproducts into value add products, to digital apps that help identify and sell restaurant leftovers at a deep discount, to creating fine dining experiences from food scraps, the food zeitgeist is celebrating those who are helping to use our food supply more efficiently.

    • Sample Organizations: Misfit Juicery, Baldor’s SparCs, Blue Hill’s WastED, Too Good To Go, ReFED.

    • Read More: ReFED (