Offal Good

Waste not, want not.


Offal Good brings delicious, nutritious, and affordable meals to your table with complete convenience. Our line of premium organ meats honor the whole animal with zero waste and are pre-cut and pre-seasoned so they’re ready-to-cook when you are. Perfect for sauteing, baking, or grilling, we’ve taken the guesswork out of offal entrees to celebrate these beautiful, once underutilized proteins. Simply choose your desired meat and flavor and cook according to our easy-to-follow instructions. When it comes to your meals, we understand that time is precious, even for those with discerning palates. At Offal Good, we’ve got you covered -- because good things come to those who don’t want to wait.


Looking for a nutritious yet affordable meal? Offal Good is just what the chef ordered. Our premium pre-cut offal meats come in a variety of pre-seasoned flavors so you can enjoy refined meals in minutes.
When it comes to meat, it’s offal’s time to shine. At Offal Good, we believe in honoring whole animals and the planet by reducing food waste with the tastiest cuts of meat. These beautiful proteins were once disregarded, but with their high nutrition content and rich, natural flavor, they’re the dinner plate value you’ve been looking for. Of course, just because you know what tastes good doesn’t mean you can recreate it at home, which is why our freshly cut products have been pre-seasoned with old world spices and are completely ready to cook. Simply open the vacuum-sealed Ghost Plastic pack, follow our easy instructions, and enjoy.
Rich in vitamins, phosphorous, and iron, offal cuts nourish the body in a delicious, budget-conscious way. Savor premium culinary experiences at home and relish in quick meals that are packed with value. Offal Good: Waste not, want not.


Concept Inspired By...

Offal Good was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Food waste reduction: A movement is happening where food producers and consumers are making serious efforts to reduce the amount of food that we waste. From turning food production byproducts into value add products, to digital apps that help identify and sell restaurant leftovers at a deep discount, to creating fine dining experiences from food scraps, the food zeitgeist is celebrating those who are helping to use our food supply more efficiently.

    • Sample Organizations: Misfit Juicery, Baldor’s SparCs, Blue Hill’s WastED, Too Good To Go, ReFED

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  • Alternative protein cuts: The market for meat cuts is concentrated around a handful of select cuts that are most sought after by consumers. For beef, these includes cuts like the ribeye, the tenderloin, and the sirloin to name a few. For pork, it’s bacon and ham. Since each animal has a limited number of these parts and demand for them is high, those cuts are priced at a premium. However, there are so many other parts of the animal that are less known, but no less nutritious and delicious. Cuts like offal and more obscure parts like the secreto on pigs and the bavette on cows have long been known by butchers as unsung heroes that also happen to be much more affordable. As consumers discover more parts of the animal and spread their attention more evenly, costs for meat can modulate, as demand is not as concentrated in a few cuts.

    • Sample Organizations: Fleisher’s Craft Butchery, The Meat Hook

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