Modern Produce

We bring the farm to you.



With Modern Produce, you’re always getting the cream of the crop. Our nearby aeroponic facility contains hundreds of produce varieties, giving you access to family-size quantities of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Browse through our peak selections and pick exactly what you’d like, or lean on our autonomous drones to do the picking for you (guided by your shopping list, of course). Your ripe selection is then packed in a sustainable, eco-friendly box and drone-delivered directly to your doorstep. With Modern Produce, there’s no need to get your hands dirty. We’ve got you covered.


Modern Produce is freshly drone-picked fruits, vegetables, and herbs at your command. When home nanofarming doesn’t yield enough items, doesn’t provide what you want, or takes up too much space in your home, you have our nearby aeroponic facilities at your disposal. Think of us as your remote dream garden.
Our aeroponic produce units carry hundreds of varieties, offering the ultimate one-stop shopping experience. Choose your fresh fruits and vegetables by having our autonomous drones select the best items available, or by browsing what’s currently available on your own. Our drones will do the picking, packing, and delivering, and before long you’ll have a custom box of crops at your door.  
On-demand produce is your everyday reality, no matter what kind of varieties you desire. Modern Produce -- We bring the farm to you.

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Concept Inspired By...

Modern Produce was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Alternative Farming: A catch-all term that describes new ways of farming outside of conventional soil-based agriculture. Examples of soil-less agriculture include aeroponic (where plants are grown in the air), hydroponic (where plants are grown in a water system), and aquaponic (where hydroponic plants are grown alongside aquatic animals) farming.