Great for People and Planet.



Fonitos are the crunchy puffs made from Ancient Grains that are fun for all and great for the planet!

Fonio is one of the oldest and most important foods grown in Africa and has been sustainably feeding people for centuries. Now, all the magic of 100% West African White Fonio can be had as a cravable, nutritious, and convenient snack puff.


Fonio is a cereal that’s highly nutritious, with great amounts of amino acids like methionine and cysteine. It’s also low in calories, fat and sodium.

Not only that, but it’s one of the fastest growing crops on the planet, maturing in as little as 8 weeks, and well-suited to thrive in challenging conditions with poor soil and water.

Fonitos is a product entirely grown and processed in Africa, with independent, small hold farmers growing all of the crop used in this snack. So the more you snack, the more you’re helping the communities that produce Fonio build a market for this deliciously nutritious food.


Concept Inspired By...

Fonitos were inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Agrobiodiversity: A measure of the diversity of organisms in an ecosystem. In nature, where biodiversity exists, the system is typically more resilient to threats such as disease and pests. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defines Agrobiodiversity as, “The variety and variability of animals, plants and microorganisms that are used directly or indirectly for food and agriculture, including crops, livestock, forestry and fisheries. It comprises the diversity of genetic resources (varieties, breeds) and species used for food, fodder, fibre, fuel and pharmaceuticals. It also includes the diversity of non-harvested species that support production (soil microorganisms, predators, pollinators), and those in the wider environment that support agro-ecosystems (agricultural, pastoral, forest and aquatic) as well as the diversity of the agro-ecosystems.”

  • Regional Flavor: Locally made packaged food products have been in existence since the the dawn of the packaged food industry. However, with the Green Revolution, we lost that sense of place behind a lot of packaged food. Food was simply manufactured and the origins of the ingredients were obfuscated behind opaque ingredient labels. But the movement to bring back food that tastes like a region is back. More and more food producers are creating products that tout a certain crop or animal’s geography as a key component to the story and taste.

    • Sample Organizations: Inna Jam, Anson Mills, Washington State University Bread Lab

    • Read More: Modern Farmer (