Digital Degustation

Your dish is our command.


Digital Degustation brings fine dining into your home. The complex flavor profiles and delicate balance of ingredients you love are no longer confined to a restaurant experience. You can recreate them at your own dining table with the touch of a button. Simply log on to the Digital Degustation interface and select from our extensive library of world-class restaurant menus. Download your dinner plans directly to your 3D food printer and get ready to eat. Whether you’re nostalgic for a dish of the past or craving exclusive dishes in a non-exclusive setting, Digital Degustation is ready to take your order. 


Close your cookbooks, gourmands. Digital Degustation is redefining fine dining. Best in class dishes from your favorite restaurants are now available in the comfort of your home using our intuitive database.
Log on to the Digital Degustation interface and browse through our extensive library. Notable menus include the likes of Eleven Madison Park, Alinea, The French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon, Momofuku Ssam Bar, Le Bernardin, and more. Once you’ve made your selection, click to instantly download plans for your five-star dinner. The plans are sent directly to your 3D printer so you can enjoy white tablecloth meals in complete at-home comfort.
Fine dining is no longer exclusive nor expensive. With Digital Degustation, you can have highbrow food for a fraction of the cost and effort, no dress code required. Digital Degustation -- Your dish is our command.


Concept Inspired By...

Digital Degustation was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • On-Demand Food: Food that can be made to order, from scratch, at near-real time speed following the eater’s request. On-Demand food can also be made to accommodate a high degree of customization, enabling precision nutrition to happen in an efficient manner. Food 3D printing plays a large role in making truly on-demand food a possibility.

    • Sample Organizations: Beehex, 3D Systems’ ChefJet Pro, Foodini

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