Cellular Seasonings

Protein in a Dash.



Cellular Seasonings Meat Salts are a delicious, convenient way to add a dash of real meat and seasoning to any dish. Our meat salts come in three flavors: chicken, beef, and pork, which are all made from 100% USDA Cellular cultured meat, NOT artificial meat flavoring. Each bottle of Cellular Seasonings is chock full of real meat powder, sustainably cultured in our protein bioreactors, and signature blend of all-natural, aeroponically grown herbs and spices to accentuate the main meat flavor.


Our meat powders are optimized to deliver a big punch of meaty taste with just a few shakes. Great tasting on just about any dish, Cellular Seasonings is a fabulous flavor booster that also gives you an added dose of lean protein to foods. 

Cellular Seasonings was originally developed in the early days of Cellular Agriculture when the technology was still maturing. Before the CellAg industry could create the meaty steaks and burgers that we enjoy today, technical and cost limitations meant that only small threads and sheets of animal protein could be created efficiently. While some would happily snack on these thin pieces of protein, we discovered that drying and pulverizing this cultured meat into a powder made for a great condiment. 

Now, Cellular Seasonings are a familiar site on tables and in pantries across America and the World. Enjoy our flagship chicken, beef, and pork flavors but be on the lookout for turkey and lamb, coming soon to a market near you!


Concept Inspired By...

Cellular Seasonings was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Cellular Agriculture: Cellular agriculture is the production of agricultural products through cell cultures. Instead of having to raise a cow, for example, one can take muscle cells from beef and grow them in a nutrient medium until their cells multiply and make more beef. Cellular agriculture as an industry is in its nascency, but researchers are already discovering ways to multiply beef, poultry, milk, and eggs to name a few. The end product is exactly like the product that’s made conventionally, with the only difference being how it was made. The hope is that one day we can have an alternate source of animal products that don’t require the animals to produce.  

    • Sample Organizations: Memphis Meats, Clara Foods, Perfect Day, New Harvest

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