Aqua Cull

Killer fish sticks.


Aqua Cull fish sticks help the environment and taste delicious! With each crunchy, satisfying bite, you’re getting nutritious seafood that helps our water ecosystems stay balanced and sustainable. Made with regionally-based, invasive fish varieties, our crispy baked sticks are perfect for quick dinners the whole family will love. Not only are they fun to eat, but you can feel good knowing that each bite is helping to take down sea invaders and improve the health of our oceans and rivers.


Even Mother Nature needs help sometimes. Now, with Aqua Cull fish sticks, you can help her fight the good fight! Our flaky and delicious products are made with regionally selected invasive fish species that often threaten the delicate balance of our oceanic and river ecosystems. Using these fish varieties in our products not only provides families with nutritious meal options, but it helps the environment, too.
Invasive species can overtake rivers and oceans and force other fish species into extinction. When the demand is needed, we utilize these invasive species in our delicious, heat-and-eat breaded fish sticks. Fish varieties rotate based on region and demand and are an exciting way to invite adventure to dinner.
With each bite, you’ll battle a sea invader help rid the water systems of harmful predators. With environmental balance, the world can be a better place! 
Aqua Cull is available at the Future Market or by at-home subscription. You can also find our fish products in Delicious Discovery kits, Tasting Box, and at fine restaurants nationwide. Aqua Cull: Killer fish sticks.


Concept Inspired By...

Aqua Cull was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Alternative protein cuts: The market for meat cuts is concentrated around a handful of select cuts that are most sought after by consumers. For beef, these includes cuts like the ribeye, the tenderloin, and the sirloin to name a few. For pork, it’s bacon and ham. Since each animal has a limited number of these parts and demand for them is high, those cuts are priced at a premium. However, there are so many other parts of the animal that are less known, but no less nutritious and delicious. Cuts like offal and more obscure parts like the secreto on pigs and the bavette on cows have long been known by butchers as unsung heroes that also happen to be much more affordable. As consumers discover more parts of the animal and spread their attention more evenly, costs for meat can modulate, as demand is not as concentrated in a few cuts.

    • Sample Organizations: Fleisher’s Craft Butchery, The Meat Hook

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