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Knowledge is power and now with AnalyzeMe, you have full reign. With this small pill, you can accurately measure what’s going on inside your microbiome, the control center of your overall health. Using tiny sensors, Analyze me scans the inner lining of your gut and creates a map of the bacteria strains inside you. The data is then transmitted to your Food ID profile and used to make nutritional recommendations at restaurants or when buying customizable foods. In just 12 hours, you’ll have near real-time information on your body’s needs. It’s affordable, accurate, and disposable, and can easily be a part of your everyday routine. That’s an easy pill to swallow. 

About Analyzeme

AnalyzeMe is the key to finding out what your body needs -- from the inside out. Our microbiomes are the epicenter of our health and now with the help of a small pill, we can make real-time decisions that will optimize how we live day to day.
AnalyzeMe is a revolutionary device that travels through your system and measures what’s happening in your gut. The pill contains tiny sensors that survey your microbiome, creating a map and inventory of all the bacteria strains it finds. 
Analysis is nearly in real time. The pill can make its way through the digestive tract in 12 hours and is easily passed within 24 hours. The data is uploaded wirelessly to Food ID and used to make nutritional recommendations based on what your body needs. Restaurant meals and custom food products are now optimized to replenish and restore, improving overall health.
Good things come in small packages. For the same price as a cup of coffee, AnalyzeMe can detect over 1,000 different strains of gut microbes and measure their relative amounts with impressive accuracy. AnalyzeMe can also scan the stomach and intestines, evaluating recently eaten foods to make recommendations for your diet. No matter how you use them, these easy-to-swallow, disposable pills offer invaluable insights that can enhance your well being.
AnalyzeMe is available in all food, wellness, and convenience stores and can be ordered as weekly supply packs or monthly subscription bundles. AnalyzeMe -- Explore what’s inside.

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Concept Inspired By...

AnalyzeMe was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Microbiome: The human microbiome is the complete ecosystem of microbes living in our bodies. These trillions of microbes help digest our food, absorb nutrients, and fight disease. Microbiome health is strongly believed to have an impact on our overall well being.

  • Quantified Self: A movement that encourages the recording and analysis of myriad dimensions of one’s life, such as food intake, movement, emotional state, and more. Adherents to the quantified self typically use digital tools such as pedometers and diet logs to record information about their activities that’s analyzed later or in real time. From this analysis, individuals aim to attain a better understanding of their bodies and arrive at recommended actions for better health.