To Innovate Better Today, We Have to Think More Ambitiously About Tomorrow

Why We Do What We Do

It’s difficult to think about massive disruptions in an industry when you’re focused on simply getting through the end of the month, quarter, or year. We understand this. But we firmly believe it’s necessary to look up from what we’re doing and consider what the world could hold deeper into the future. By doing this, we can not only be prepared for market disruptions, but we can proactively build the future we’d like to see.

Producing food is incredibly difficult on any scale, and as a result, the food industry can’t always afford to look too far into the future for inspiration.

But look at the role of concept cars in the auto industry, for example. It’s an industry that’s institutionalized the idea of building glimpses of the future on a regular basis. Free from the constraints of full-scale production, concept cars are able to show a more ambitious version of the future than any of the current cars can.

We’re deeply inspired by the idea of a concept car and its ability to keep an industry fresh and forward thinking. This is what we do with our concept food products and we use them to inspire change within the food industry.