Trim Snack

Satisfy your cravings.


Trim Snack is a line of sweet and savory snack foods that are designed to satisfy. Made with nutritious fruit, vegetable, and meat trim, you’ll always have access to a bolt of flavor wherever you go. Between our crunchy chips, dried fruit, vegetable purees, and broths, there are plenty of grab-and-go options to choose from. However, if you’re looking for a specific snack experience, we’ve got your covered. Our Trim Snack home unit puts the customization in your hands, utilizing your Food ID profile, trim inventory, and personal preferences to make sure you never have another hunger pang again.


At Trim Snack, we take snacking seriously. That’s why we’ve created a wide spectrum of delicious foods to satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. Using trimming, scraps, and offcuts, we offer an array of crunchy snacks, dried fruit, vegetable purees, and nutrient-rich broths. Flavor combinations are ever-changing, which is why you’ll never be bored with Trim Snack. 
Feeling extra bold? Try one of global flavor experiences curated by renowned, award-winning chefs. Feeling creative? Create your own flavor combo in-store, or take your snacks to the next level with our advanced home unit. Our home hardware has Food ID integration and can incorporate your preferences to process snack products. It can also collect and scan trimmings to identify the usable parts, run them through a flavor algorithm to come up with optimal flavor formulas, and also grind, dehydrate, or pressure cook your ingredients for you. 
Trim Snack offers endless ways to discover new flavor combinations. Share a combination with your friend or develop something new for a special occasion. Each snack is portable and packable, and always nutritious and environmentally responsible. Trim Snack -- Satisfy your cravings.


Concept Inspired By...

Trim Snack was inspired by the following movements, technologies, and trends in food today.

  • Food waste reduction: A movement is happening where food producers and consumers are making serious efforts to reduce the amount of food that we waste. From turning food production byproducts into value add products, to digital apps that help identify and sell restaurant leftovers at a deep discount, to creating fine dining experiences from food scraps, the food zeitgeist is celebrating those who are helping to use our food supply more efficiently.

    • Sample Organizations: Misfit Juicery, Baldor’s SparCs, Blue Hill’s WastED, Too Good To Go, ReFED

    • Read More: ReFED (