Open Sourcing Food Entrepreneurship

In nature, the more species there are in a system, the more diverse and strong that system becomes. The system evolves with diversity, as preferred gene variants improve species and the system as a whole. Conversely, problems happen when the system becomes too concentrated and a monoculture forms. The system becomes one-dimensional and is susceptible to disease and other threats

What If The Food Industry Ended Monoculture Farming?

Since 1974, the average number of items in a grocery store has increased from 9,000 to almost 44,000 today1. However, 75 percent of the world’s food is currently generated from only 12 plants & 5 animal species2. So while the product range has grown wider, the range of crops grown to produce those products has become more narrow over the last 40+ years. This is a food system dominated by monoculture.