Exploring What Our Food System Could Be 

Read more about our latest pop-up Future Market exhibit the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC or scroll down to view photos from the show. 


Groceries from the year 2043

The Future Market is a conceptual grocery store stocked with products from the future. It’s an immersive experience exploring our fast changing world and how we will produce, shop for and eat food over the next 25 years.

You’ll see the future of food brought to life through a physical retail experience and a restaurant exhibit. The Future Market pop-up store will feature over 20 conceptual food products that show the long term potential of innovations ranging from vertical farming, to cellular agriculture, to precision nutrition. Our concept store also features a next generation digital food shopping experience and vignettes of how food will be made, shopped for, and eaten in the year 2043.

Our Vision For the Future of Food

Our concept retail experience challenges the notions of how fresh and packaged foods are made and sold.

In the future, uniform mass production and marketing have fallen out of favor. Food is customized and as diverse as the people who eat it. The shopping experience is also tailored to an individual’s FoodID, a system that records and analyzes food preferences with user inputs and real-time biometrics. Through advancements in cellular agriculture, vertical farming, and 3D food printing, food can be made on-demand and to the exact specifications of the eater. 

The food system of the future generally makes a lighter impression on the Earth and in many cases, agriculture regenerates our planet. We still wrestle with challenges like pollution and extreme population growth, but have managed to employ a harmonious balance of high tech and traditional methods to address these problems. 

The Future Market is a vision of what it looks like when today’s bleeding-edge trends, behaviors, and technologies become mainstream products and services in 2043. Join us to explore and discover what our food system could be.


The Future Market’s concept food products are the centerpiece of the pop-up experience. We’ve created over 20 conceptual food products that imagine what our grocery store shelves will look like in the face of massive food systems change. 

Each product is an exploration of what it would look like when a burgeoning food trend or technology today becomes a mass product in the future. From vertical farming, to cultured protein, to biodiversity at scale, and more, see what it looks like when bleeding-edge innovations become mainstream. 

 Custom Culture: Precision Microbiome Yogurt

Custom Culture: Precision Microbiome Yogurt


The Future Market features virtual aisles and shelves, in a much smaller than usual physical retail space, as inventory is stocked and produced in separate automated warehouses. Shoppers’ food is chosen digitally, gathered robotically, and received physically in-store or via at-home delivery. In the future, food shopping hinges on digital interaction and robotic fulfillment. 

Whether shopping or dining, experiences begin with entering your information into Food ID, a system that records and analyzes food preferences with user inputs and real-time biometrics. Living in a digitally powered food world means your food choices are tailored to your preferences and needs for efficient shopping and better well being. It’s the end of one size fits all food. 

 Heritage Culture: Premium bred cellular ag meat

Heritage Culture: Premium bred cellular ag meat


The future of dining, especially of the quick-service variety, will be as technologically empowered as the food retail experience. 

The restaurant experience of the future is also digitized and supported by artificial intelligence and robots. Food ID data is used to generate meal suggestions based on preferences, nutritional needs, and mood. Menus include more down-to-earth versions of fine dining food concepts and food waste is a typical highlight on the menu. Food is prepared by pre-programmed robots, which allows for menus to include extensive offerings from a multitude of cuisines and regions. 

As for the menus themselves, you’ll find easy, no-fuss offerings of regional cuisine, nose-to-tail cooking, and simplified molecular gastronomy. Unforgettable flavor and top-notch service is never compromised, even though the experience may be quick and casual. 

To innovate better today, we have to think
more ambitiously about tomorrow

We believe that understanding the food of tomorrow can spur the development of food that’s better for people, planet and profit today.  We created The Future Market to help the food industry understand how the world is changing to inspire them to create more ambitious products today. 

Behind the scenes highlights from our Future Market exhibition at Summer Fancy Food Show June 2017, Jacob Javits Center, NYC.