We Explore the Future of Food Through Concept Products

The Future Market is a showcase for concept food products from the year 2065. Each of these products will explore the evolution in production and consumption we may see deep into the future. The full line of concept products is in development for our digital and physical store. 

Crop Crisps

After decades of large-scale, mono-culture farming, the soil and environment of 2065 can no longer bear the stress of these ‘old-world’ practices. Fossil fuel shortages have made artificial fertilizer a scarce commodity, and the agribusiness industry has been forced to change its production methods.

That’s why we believe the consumers of 2065 will demand sustainable food practices in a mainstream way. Big food will be forced to step up and abandon its use of major ingredients (wheat, corn, soy…) for every season and location.

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters are corn, beans, and squash–crops that Native Americans have been planting together for over 6,500 years to sustain themselves and the planet. Growing these crops together is a form of Polyculture, an agricultural technique where multiple crops are planted together to mimic the biodiversity found in natural ecosystems. Polycultures rely on the natural order of biodiverse systems to grow food that’s naturally sustainable and resilient.

Not only are the Three Sisters good for the Earth, but these three crops contain complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and all 8 essential amino acids, which makes for a highly nutritious and complete, plant-based meal.

When Polyculture replaces Monoculture, Big Food equals Good Food.